Leaks don’t need to turn into gaping problems

At Thunderseal, we believe in thinking ahead so your roof is fixed before small leaks turn into expensive avoidable repairs. We carefully consider your specific roof type and map out a strategic maintenance program designed to extend the lifetime of your roof.

We install and service almost every type of roof out there

The Thunderseal 4-Point Plan

1. Maintain

Maintenance Program

Preventative maintenance is significantly more cost-effective than repairs. To help avoid roofing hurdles in the long run — and thousands of dollars in long-term damage — we provide you with a roof maintenance program that guarantees the longevity of your roof.

Snow removal

Roofs are not built to hold up a ski slope. Snowstorms often result in roof leaks and cracks and, in drastic cases, collapses that cause severe building damage and potential injury to occupants. As your roofing partner, we arrive at your building in a jiffy and remove all snow, preventing costly damage.

2. Repair


With a focus on repairs + experience with thousands of roofs across most of the 50 states, our specially trained team is equipped to fix every type of issues, on the spot.

Emergency response

Trying to find the root of the problem can be frustrating but for our team of roofing experts, it’s a snap to find and fix, and we have all the necessary equipment on hand to repair your roof instantaneously.

3. Replace

Reroofing and roof replacement

Sometimes the damage is irreparable. We’ll advise you on the most optimal and cost-effective options, then remove your existing roof system, repair any damaged substrate, and install the new roof system.

Exterior waterproofing

Increase the value of your building and strengthen your property structure through exterior waterproofing. We offer a full range of waterproofing options from cementitious to liquid membrane waterproofing, depending on your building’s requirements.

4. Report

Insurance support

Filing insurance claims on roof work is a hassle. We walk you through the full process starting with a thorough inspection and report, photographing damage to serve as evidence. We estimate all costs involved in repairing the damage and file the claim on your behalf.

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