Every building needs a

plan for a rainy day

Thunderseal is a national commercial roofing and roof maintenance company

Targeted maintenance program
Immediate emergency response
Honest, accurate reports
E Shechter,

Riverside Management

“Honest and stand behind their jobs”

“Working with Thunderseal is a top-of-the-line experience. When I give them a job, I know it will be completed quickly, efficiently, and the work will be top quality. They’re honest and stand behind their jobs; if there’s ever an issue, a team is there to fix it as quickly as possible. I’ve referred them to other management companies and they’re all as thrilled as I am.”

A leaking roof and no one to fix it

Roof repairs are a hassle — especially when you have properties in more than one state.

  • Your regular roofer only comes down for new roofs, no small repairs.
  • The local roofer-repair guy promised to come by tomorrow — and still hasn’t shown up, two weeks later.
  • The highly-recommended repair company can’t find the source of the leak — and anyways, they think you should reroof (this roof is only eight years old).
You need:

Honest roof assessments

When purchasing a new building or getting an old roof repaired.

Ongoing roof maintenance

Like snow removal, to lengthen the life of your roof.

Reliable roofers

To fix every type of roof problem, no matter where the property is located.

Give your roof an extra lease on life. Give yourself peace of mind.

Thunderseal is a national roofing company providing commercial roofing services to management companies and building owners, including repairing, maintaining and replacing all roofing systems. Our mantra? A commitment to extending the lifetime of your roof.

Not one-job-and-then-done kind of guys

Get a maintenance package tailored to your specific needs — so your roof will live out its life.

❏ Regular roof inspections
❏ Quick response for emergency repairs
❏ Specially trained crew

More — without paying for more

Our unique repair-focused model and national reach translate into exceptional service and low cost. Specially trained in repairs, our team will come down quickly and easily find the source of the problem.

National coverage. One unified approach.

When your portfolio is spread over numerous states, you can’t afford the hassle of working with multiple roofing companies.

Our experienced roofing teams are active across all states. Wherever you are, we are.

Certifications. Licensed and insured by most recognized roofing manufacturers.

Thunderseal. Your proactive roofing partner.